Micro Orgo Chem started as a small manufacturer with limited resources in 1992 and has come a long way since then. Today we are a trusted name in the Indian as well as International market. Micro Orgo Chem is a supplier to the finest pharmaceutical companies in the nation and is an exporter of APIs to over 20 countries. We exhibit a noteworthy global footprint. We boast an array of over 40 products for our clients to choose from, including anti-malarial, hormones, narcotic analgesics, steroids & many more. Our commitment to supply products specifically catered to each of our client's needs and our prime focus on quality of our products have developed into intangible relationships with our clients over the years. The Micro Orgo Chem family has been growing strong and under the guidance of our visionary director our future trajectory is set for reaching new highs in the pharmaceutical industry.

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